ADDIS v1.14 released

11 Jun 2012 — Gert van Valkenhoef

We are happy to announce the release of ADDIS v1.14. The new release enables network meta-analysis results to be saved, and has several other important enhancements for network meta-analysis.

ADDIS v1.12.5 released

22 May 2012 — Gert van Valkenhoef

ADDIS v1.12.5 fixes two bugs: the network meta-analysis model could not be generated for some large networks, and the baseline models could crash.

ADDIS v1.12.4 released

14 May 2012 — Gert van Valkenhoef

ADDIS v1.12.4 allows the network meta-analysis simulation to be continued if it has not converged yet, and there is a new GUI for checking convergence. The benefit-risk analysis now uses the full covariance information from network meta-analysis, bringing it up-to-date with our JCE paper. In addition, the download size was reduced from 30MB to 15MB, and several bugs have been fixed.

GeMTC 0.12.1 released

01 May 2012 — Gert van Valkenhoef

This new version of GeMTC re-enables the sorting of studies and treatments in the GUI and fixes a potential problem in the prior generation. The integration with ADDIS has also been improved (expect to see this in the upcoming ADDIS 1.12.4) and the download size was reduced by over 8 MB to 6 MB.