R packages updated

18 Jul 2013 — Gert van Valkenhoef

The following R packages have been updated this week:

  • smaa version 0.1: this is the first release of our SMAA R package.
  • gemtc version 0.3: this major update adds the following new features:
    • support for relative effect data
    • support for mixed arm-based and relative effect data
    • binom/cloglog likelihood/link for rate data
    • unrelated mean effects (UME) model
    • unrelated study effects (USE) model
    • analysis of heterogeneity with heterogeneity plot (EXPERIMENTAL)
    • full access to generated code, data structures, and parameters
    • guard against "impossible" initial values
    And also includes a number of bugfixes and documentation updates.
  • hitandrun version 0.2-1: bugfix release.

ADDIS status and future

19 Mar 2013 — Gert van Valkenhoef

The ADDIS 1.x software has been very successful as a prototype, and our decision to develop it as a desktop application has allowed us to focus on essential problems in evidence synthesis and decision analysis. However, the ADDIS vision can not be fully realized in a single user environment. The ADDIS 1.x retrospective provides an overview of design decisions made for ADDIS 1.x and their positive and negative consequences. It also identifies key changes that need to be made going forward.

The ADDIS 2.x requirements and architecture document summarizes the long-term vision and current status of ADDIS, identifies key requirements and proposes an architecture for ADDIS 2.x. Note that this document is focused on architecturally relevant non-functional requirements rather than on specific functional requirements (such as the types of analyses that should be supported). We're currently hiring new developers (updated 2013-04-26) to start implementing the new architecture.

GeMTC R package 0.2

18 Feb 2013 — Gert van Valkenhoef

GeMTC R package 0.2 removes the dependency on the Java version of GeMTC. It also has enhanced forest plots and a number of bugfixes.