Efficient evidence-based health policy decisions

Aggregate Data Drug Information System (ADDIS) is an evidence-based decision support system for health care policy decision making that concerns alternative treatment options.

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Standalone GeMTC tool

Network meta-analysis

Our network meta-analysis web interface (GeMTC) is a standalone tool where you can upload your analysis data table as a CSV file.

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MCDA user interface

Multiple criteria decision analysis

Our multiple criteria decision analysis (MCDA) web interface is a user interface for preference elicitation in MCDA models.

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R packages

Enabling health policy analytics

We have developed several packages for the R statistical software that implement the core methods we apply to health policy decision making.

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ADDIS Desktop

Structured benefit-risk analysis for drug regulation

ADDIS Desktop is a proof-of-concept system that allowed us to simultaneously discover the possibilities of and the requirements on a database of structured clinical trials data. We support the automated discovery and (meta-)analysis of trial data, as well as benefit-risk assessment.

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