In addition to developing and maintaining the free versions of our software, we offer the following paid services:

  • Licensed enterprise versions of our software that come with access control and collaborative features.
  • Support with deployments on private network of either the public or enterprise versions of our software.
  • Training and workshops concerning the software and methodology.

Enterprise versions

The enterprise versions of our software are under active development. They currently have the following additional features:

  • Sign in with non-Google credentials
  • User rights management, allowing:
    • Administration of users and their rights to workspaces in the system
    • Changing the ownership of a workspace
    • Sharing of read and write rights to workspaces

Please contact us for further details, or to submit feature requests.

Private deployment

Our software can be deployed on a single workstation or as a web service in your organisation’s infrastructure.

If you are interested in learning more about our software, our staff can demonstrate the software either remotely or on-site.


We offer training and workshops focusing on either the use of the integrated ADDIS system, or specifically on conducting benefit-risk assessments using ADDIS/MCDA.

The ADDIS training teaches how to:

  • Go from data entry to evidence synthesis to benefit-risk assessment
  • Import trials data into the system and prepare them for automated extraction
  • Use the powerful filtering and definition options to partition and harmonise your data
  • Trace analytical outputs back to the underlying model settings and trials data
  • Share your results with others
  • Automatically update your analyses with new data

The ADDIS/MCDA training teaches how to:

  • Construct an effects table
  • Interpret the results of a quantitative B/R assessment
  • Assess preferences and their role in the B/R balance
  • Explore the sensitivity of the B/R balance to preferences and effect sizes

Please contact us for further details.