ADDIS Release 1.10

Download ADDIS v1.10.1 installer

Release history

Release 1.10.1

Release Date: 2011-11-28

ADDIS 1.10.1 is a bugfix release. There was a nasty bug in the "edit study" functionality where deleting arms would make the study invalid. The error also propagates into the XML file, making it corrupt. These files are recoverable, but recovery requires manual editing of the XML. Please contact us if you need help.

Release 1.10

Release Date: 2011-11-04

We are happy to announce the release of ADDIS (Aggregate Data Drug Information System) version 1.10. This release focuses on additional data modeling to represent study design. New features include:

  • Add installer and double-click loading of .addis data files on Windows.
  • Enable combination treatment, i.e. multiple drugs in one treatment activity.
  • Allow multiple moments of measurement for each outcome (see warning below).
  • Add "free text" ('Other') activity.

Warning: note that measurements are only used in analyses if they are taken at the default moment, which is 0 days before the end of the first treatment epoch. This will be improved in a future release.

Getting ADDIS

Download ADDIS v1.10.1 installer

Or get ADDIS in a ZIP archive: Download ADDIS v1.10.1 .ZIP

Source code is also available: ADDIS v1.10.1 source tag

The data model is here: ADDIS XML Schema v3

Running ADDIS

Open the addis-1.10.1-installer.jar file and follow the installation instructions. Now you can run ADDIS by double-clicking the shortcut created on your desktop and/or start menu. When you do this, you should see the ADDIS welcome screen, where you can choose to load an example data set, load a file, or create a new data set. If you've never used ADDIS, we recommend that you take a look at the example data set.

If double-clicking the JAR file did not launch ADDIS, you are most likely lacking the Java run-time environment. You can get this from


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