ADDIS Release 1.0

Download ADDIS v1.0

Release history

Release 1.0

Release Date: 2010-09-09

We are happy to announce the release of ADDIS (Aggregate Data Drug Information System) version 1.0. ADDIS offers meta-analysis (since ADDIS v0.4), network meta-analysis (since ADDIS v0.8) and multi-criteria benefit-risk analysis of alternative treatment options (since ADDIS v0.10).

During the past few months, we have worked to improve the usability, reliability and look and feel of ADDIS to be able to offer a product that is "ready". In addition, ADDIS v1.0 offers the following new features:

  • Edit a study after creating it (as long as it is not used in any analyses)
  • Search for drug information in an SPC/PIL database
  • Link ATC codes to the WHO ATC database
  • Link studies to publications using PubMed
  • A new welcome screen (that replaces the "default data")
  • Save plots and figures to file (PNG or SVG formats) for use in your documents
  • Save network meta-analyses for stand-alone analysis in MTC
  • Save benefit-risk models for stand-alone analysis in JSMAA
  • Limited number of simultaneous computations to improve performance
  • Full example data-set based on the Hansen et al. (2005) review of antidepressants

Getting ADDIS

Download ADDIS v1.0

Source code is also available: ADDIS v1.0 source tag

Running ADDIS

Extract the ZIP archive to a local directory. Then double-click the 'addis-1.0.jar' file. Now you should see the ADDIS welcome screen, where you can choose to load an example data set, load a file, or create a new data set. If you've never used ADDIS, we recommend that you take a look at the example data set.

If double-clicking the JAR file did not launch ADDIS, you are most likely lacking the Java run-time environment. You can get this from