ADDIS Release 0.6

Download ADDIS v0.6.1

Release history

Release 0.6.1

Release Date: 2010-02-16

ADDIS v0.6.1 was released due to a request from one of our colleagues in the Escher project, and provides an additional feature:

  • New types of Population Characteristic can now be added dynamically, and the available types are shown in ADDIS.
  • Note: it is, at this moment, not possible to add new categorical Characteristics.

Release 0.6

Release Date: 2010-02-12

We are happy to announce the release of ADDIS (Aggregate Data Drug Information System) version 0.6. In this release, we have focussed on consolidating the work done in the previous two releases in order to offer a better user experience and a more flexible representation of clinical studies.

In this release, the "Add Study" dialog has been replaced by the much more capable "Add Study Wizard". The wizard allows you to input study characteristics, endpoints, adverse events, population characteristics and data. Furthermore, it is now possible to import study designs from, the largest trials registry in the world.

Getting ADDIS

Download ADDIS v0.6.1

Source code is also available: ADDIS v0.6.1 source tag

Running ADDIS

Extract the ZIP archive to a local directory. Then double-click the 'addis-0.6-jar-with-dependencies.jar' file. Now you should already have ADDIS 0.6 running with some provided example data. Verify this by comparing your screen with the screenshots below.

If double-clicking the JAR file did not launch ADDIS, you are most likely lacking the Java run-time environment. You can get this from


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