Commissioned project results

03 Sep 2013 — Gert van Valkenhoef

The Escher commissioned project, "industry requirements and a data standard for ADDIS", has been completed and the results are available.

Hans van Leeuwen carried out interviews with industry stakeholders to evaluate ADDIS as a tool for benefit-risk analysis. An executive summary of the results is now available.

Jozef Aerts evaluated the ADDIS data model and improved various aspects of it to increase compatibility with existing industry standards (CDISC, BRIDG, etc.) and internal consistency of the data model. The resulting XML Schema, validation rules, and documentation are available for download: ADDIS - Standard for Exchange of Aggregated Data in Clinical Research - Specification Document version 1.0.

R packages updated

22 Aug 2013 — Gert van Valkenhoef

The smaa and hitandrun R packages have been updated:

  • smaa version 0.2: this version introduces a convenience function for computing piece-wise linear partial value functions. It also includes some minor bug fixes.
  • hitandrun version 0.2-2: introduces a new method for computing a seed point, since the previous method turned out to be flawed.

GeMTC R package updated

09 Aug 2013 — Gert van Valkenhoef

Version 0.4 of the GeMTC R package has several new features:

  • Fixed effect models
  • Poisson/log models for survival data
  • Allow continuous data to be entered with standard error instead of only with standard deviation and sample size

In addition, an important bug has been fixed: in version 0.3, some models would not run using WinBUGS.

For a full changelog, see the NEWS file on the GeMTC CRAN page.

MCDA web app released

26 Jul 2013 — Gert van Valkenhoef

We have just released the first version (0.1) of our web based multiple criteria decision analysis (MCDA) preference elicitation tool. This component will be used in ADDIS 2.0 to support benefit-risk decisions. It is currently available online at

You will need a recent browser; we recommend Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Several examples are provided. You can also load your own benefit-risk assessments by exporting them from ADDIS 1.16.4 (released last week). We would be glad to hear your feedback.

R packages updated

18 Jul 2013 — Gert van Valkenhoef

The following R packages have been updated this week:

  • smaa version 0.1: this is the first release of our SMAA R package.
  • gemtc version 0.3: this major update adds the following new features:
    • support for relative effect data
    • support for mixed arm-based and relative effect data
    • binom/cloglog likelihood/link for rate data
    • unrelated mean effects (UME) model
    • unrelated study effects (USE) model
    • analysis of heterogeneity with heterogeneity plot (EXPERIMENTAL)
    • full access to generated code, data structures, and parameters
    • guard against "impossible" initial values
    And also includes a number of bugfixes and documentation updates.
  • hitandrun version 0.2-1: bugfix release.