ADDIS 2 release 1

25 Apr 2014 — Gert van Valkenhoef

We are proud to announce the first preview version of our web-based redevelopment of ADDIS, ADDIS 2 release 1. Although this is a very early preview, and still far from perfect, we invite everyone to give it a try at This release features the following:

  • Sign in using your Google account.
  • Create your own projects, or browse someone else's.
  • Base your projects on one of two example datasets: a systematic review of anti-depressants, or a market authorization submission for an anti-hypertensive.
  • Define outcomes and interventions.
  • Create benefit-risk analyses based on individual trials.

Both of the example datasets were also available as examples in ADDIS 1, and as browsing the studies is not yet possible in ADDIS 2, it might be useful to have ADDIS 1 running alongside. revised and revamped

15 Jan 2014 — Gert van Valkenhoef

We are proud to announce the completely revised and revamped website for! The site has been rebuilt from the ground up to make it look more modern, and to make it easier to update. The content has also been revised in light of the ADDIS 2 project, which is now in full swing thanks to our funding from the IMI GetReal consortium.

In case you're curious, this is what the site looked like in the past: launched

14 Jan 2014 — Gert van Valkenhoef

We are happy to announce the official launch of, our web-based tool for multiple criteria decision analysis. The tool supports the elicitation of partial value functions and criteria trade-offs using several methods, and makes use of our R packages and the Patavi web service wrapper to compute the MCDA results.

Please keep in mind that is still in beta, so don't expect perfection just yet. This is the first component of the ADDIS 2 project to be launched. Its development has allowed us to prove the feasibility of a number of our architectural decisions, as well as further define the components and frameworks that will be used in ADDIS 2.

MCDA web app updated

01 Nov 2013 — Gert van Valkenhoef

We have just updated our web based multiple criteria decision analysis (MCDA) preference elicitation tool. This component will be used in ADDIS 2.0 to support benefit-risk decisions. It is currently available online at The new features include:

  • Workspaces and scenarios: store the intermediate results of preference elicitation in your browser.
  • Overview: shows the elicited preference information in one place.
  • Exact SWING: preference elicitation leading to an exact weighting.
  • Extensive refactoring of the client-side code and many bugfixes on both the client and server side.

You will need a recent browser; we recommend Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Several examples are provided. You can also load your own benefit-risk assessments by exporting them from ADDIS 1.16.4 or later. We would be glad to hear your feedback.