GeMTC 0.10 released

23 Sep 2011 — Gert van Valkenhoef

This new version of GeMTC adds a new graphical user interface (GUI) and the ability to generate WinBUGS/OpenBUGS models.

Two new publications

13 Sep 2011 — Gert van Valkenhoef

Our manuscript "Multi-criteria benefit-risk assessment using network meta-analysis" has been accepted by the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology. The paper details the evidence-synthesis based SMAA benefit-risk model implemented in ADDIS since v0.10 (and refined in subsequent versions).

The second paper, "Algorithmic Parameterization of Mixed Treatment Comparisons", will appear as an open access article in Statistics and Computing. It discusses how inconsistency models for network meta-analysis can be generated automatically, and so it describes functionality included in both ADDIS and our MTC software.

See our publications page for details on these and other publications.

ADDIS v1.8 released

01 Jul 2011 — Gert van Valkenhoef

We are happy to announce the release of ADDIS v1.8. This new release introduces additional study design modeling features through a more advanced data model.

ADDIS v1.6.2 released

10 Jun 2011 — Gert van Valkenhoef

The ADDIS v1.6.2 release fixes a bug that we unfortunately introduced with the improvements for 1.6.1. The bug was only apparent on some computers, but not on ours.

ADDIS v1.6.1 released

05 Jun 2011 — Gert van Valkenhoef

The ADDIS v1.6.1 release brings performance improvements and bugfixes for the network meta-analysis functionality.