The team

Core team

Daan Reid

ADDIS project lead

Daan first joined the ADDIS team in September 2010. After working on several other software development projects within the UMCG he rejoined the team on October 2013 to work on ADDIS 2. Daan has a PhD in theoretical biology (University of Groningen, 2010) and an MSc in Artificial Intelligence.

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Douwe Postmus

Lead MCDA and HTA

Douwe is employed as a researcher at the Department of Epidemiology of the UMCG. His research focuses on applying statistical and decision analysis techniques to decision making problems in health care, including regulatory, reimbursement, and shared decision making problems. Douwe has a PhD in Economics and Business and a MSc in Econometrics and Operations Research. He supports the ADDIS developers with the design and implementation of the MCDA component and provides statistical support where needed.

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Joris de Keijser


Joris joined the ADDIS team in the Autumn of 2016. He studied Computing Science with a specialization in Intelligent Systems.

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Kārlis Zālīte


Kārlis joined the ADDIS team in May 2019. Before that he worked on projects related with satellite image processing. Kārlis has a PhD in physics (Tartu University, 2016) and an MSc in Computer Science (Ventspils University College, 2007).

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Hans Hillege

Medical/regulatory advisor & EMA liaison

Hans Hillege is a professor in Cardiology and his educational records includes Master’s degrees in Medicine and Epidemiology and a PhD from the University of Groningen. Currently he is an acting member of the European Committee of Human Medicinal Products (CHMP) on behalf of the Netherlands. His fields of specialization and research include cardiovascular epidemiology and the impact of extracardiac comorbidities with specific interest in the coexistence of cardiovascular and kidney disease, epidemiological models, clinical trials, evidence based medicine, regulatory science, medical decision-making and health information technology. He has supervised more than 25 PhD projects and authored/co-authored more than 400 international scientific publications and book chapters.

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Gert van Valkenhoef

ADDIS project founder

Gert received his PhD (University of Groningen, 2012) for his methodological work on evidence-based decision support for drug benefit-risk assessment. During his PhD he also led the software development team that implemented those methods in ADDIS 1. He also oversaw the development of ADDIS 2 for the IMI GetReal project. He is currently employed by the Cochrane Collaboration and holds an advisory role in the ADDIS project. Gert holds an MSc in Artificial Intelligence (University of Groningen, 2009).

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  • Erik Buskens; HTA advisor
  • Bert de Brock; advisor


  • Aida Baxhaku - working on data import.

See MSc projects for opportunities.

Previous contributors

  • Connor Stroomberg; developer (2013-12 — 2016-08)
  • Joël Kuiper; developer (2012-04 — 2015-07)
  • Bob Goeree; MSc student & intern (2013-09 — 2014-09)
  • Tjerk Heringa (2014-04 — 2014-06)
  • Wouter Reckman; developer (2012-04 — 2012-09)
  • Margreth Venaely Kileo; MSc thesis project (2011-02 — 2011-08)
  • Jing Zhao; MSc thesis project, KTH ICT (2010-03 — 2010-06); research assistant 0.2FTE (2011-01 — 2011-06)
  • Ahmad Kamal; developer (2010-08 — 2011-03)
  • Florin Schimbinschi; developer (2010-09 — 2011-06)
  • Dr. Tommi Tervonen; researcher & developer (2009-04 — 2010-08)
  • Tijs Zwinkels; developer (2009-10 — 2010-08); research assistant (2010-05 — 2010-08)
  • Hanno Koeslag; developer (2010-01 — 2010-05)
  • Maarten Jacobs; developer (2009-10 — 2009-12)