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ADDIS MCDA release

05 Mar 2021 — Daan Reid

The ADDIS team is proud to anounce a new release of ADDIS MCDA. Besides improvements to stability and performance, as well as our ongoing transition from the outdated AngularJS framework, this release includes the following features in both the open version and the Enterprise version:

  • A trade off table has been added to the preferences overview, so that users can see their how their preferences translate into specific trade offs between criteria.

  • The documentation and guidance has been improved: the manual has been partially rewritten, the contextual help throughout the application has been updated , and the guided tutorials have been extended to cover the new interface.
  • The workspace overview now shows the workspaces’ creation date and allows sorting.
  • The manual entry interface has been greatly simplified into a single, editable table.

Further, ADDIS MCDA Enterprise has been extended with the following features:

  • Group management: Users can now be added to groups. By default, a user can only see and share analyses with other users that are in the same group as them. Users can be members of multiple groups.
  • Threshold technique elicitation: This method of preference elicitation asks users to determine the relative importance of criteria by presenting them with a change in one criterion, and then letting them adjust the size of the change in another criterion until the two changes are worth approximately as much. This method was recently used by the FDA in their assessment of Brilique (Ticagrelor).