News | ADDIS 2 release 12

ADDIS 2 release 12

04 Apr 2017 — Gert van Valkenhoef

We are proud to announce ADDIS 2 release 13. This release contains the following new features and improvements:

  • It is now possible to copy others’ projects, including analyses and models. We have also extended the project update functionality to preserve evidence syntheses and their models when possible.
  • We’ve added several features to improve data exploration, specifically the day 80 effectiveness table for single studies, and improvements to the dataset overview (the ability to filter by treatment and outcome, and an extra column showing detailed study treatments)
  • It is now possible to see the absolute effects of network models, after setting a baseline distribution. The system will try to guyde you while setting the baseline distribution by letting you choose from the available evidence. Benefit-risk analyses based on network models will use these chosen baselines by default.
  • Archiving functionality is now complete, allowing the archiving of projects, analyses and models.
  • In the interests of transparency and flexibility we now allow users to download both the data and R code for each evidence synthesis model.
  • The report writing tool has been expanded with quite a few plot and data elements.
  • Many bugfixes and improvements to stability and performance.

To see the new features in action, watch the release video.

We are also happy to announce that we have secured funding to keep working on ADDIS until October at the very least. Our coming release will focus on features to help assessors and regulators, mainly the MCDA component. We also expect to further improve the model task R system.