News | ADDIS 2 release 8

ADDIS 2 release 8

23 Mar 2016 — Daan Reid

We are proud to announce the eighth preview version of our web-based redevelopment of ADDIS, ADDIS 2 release 8. This release contains the following new features:

  • Integrate data management (formerly "trialverse") into the main ADDIS system (demo video)
  • Network meta-regression analyses (demo video)
  • Downweighting of studies, e.g. non-randomized studies (demo video)
  • Benefit-risk analyses based on meta-analyses (demo video)

The focus of the next release will be divided between three subjects:

  • Definition of concepts such as interventions, e.g. dosage restrictions and combination treatments
  • Importing studies from
  • Automatic report generation based on ADDIS projects