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ADDIS 2 release 7

27 Nov 2015 — Daan Reid

We are proud to announce the seventh preview version of our web-based redevelopment of ADDIS, ADDIS 2 release 7. This release had several themes. First, we performed user testing for both GeMTC-web and Trialverse. Second, we expanded the network meta-analysis functionality of ADDIS, which is also available as a separate web-application at GeMTC-web. Third, we expanded the study management functionality of Trialverse with search and copying. Fourth, we addressed the most common concerns of our test users.

Release 7 contains the following new features:

  • GeMTC:
    • Inline help for all terminology, along with a brief user's manual.
    • Allow model run length extension.
    • Allow specification of heterogeneity prior.
    • An overview screen for nodesplitting analysis of inconsistency.
    • Several improvements to the user interface based on user feedback.
  • Trialverse:
    • Study search.
    • Allow copying of others' studies to own datasets.

The functionality developed in release 7 is showcased in these videos:

The focus of the next release will be divided between three subjects:

  • Further improvements to the evidence synthesis functionality, including the addition of network meta-regression models.
  • Improving the integration between the ADDIS and Trialverse components.
  • Further user testing of the evidence synthesis functionality.