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ADDIS 2 release 4

06 Feb 2015 — Daan Reid

We are proud to announce the fourth preview version of our web-based redevelopment of ADDIS, ADDIS 2 release 4. The majority of this release was devoted to the Trialverse component, which is intended to be the portal where users extract and share clinical trials data. Trialverse is not finished yet, but we hope this release gives a good picture of the direction we’re taking. We invite everyone to try it out at Release 4 contains the following new features:

  • Creation of datasets
  • Creation of studies within a dataset
  • Definition of study structure, including arms, epochs, and outcome measures.

The functionality developed in release 4 is showcased in this video. The next release will focus on finishing the Trialverse portal so that complete studies can be entered into the system, and so that users can collaborate to improve previously-entered studies.